Dear Gnomies,

I've been putting this off for several weeks now. I don't know why, we had a great anniversary party, and I've been meaning to thank you all for making it happen. The invoices have been paid, and the thank yous were sent, but I just can't seem to get all of my feelings into words in order to button this thing up for good. Honestly, I need to get moving on future events and marketing campaigns; it's basically Christmas in the retail world.

I don't know what it is about putting on a big event, but after it's over, it's just hard to move on. I did the same thing after Torrey and I got married, and after I threw a statewide 100th anniversary party while working at Girl Scouts. I think it's similar to the feeling you get when you come back from a vacation; the work has been piling up, and you need to jump in, but you're not quite ready yet. That's what I've been feeling these past few weeks, while Torrey jumped right back in the next day to brew 2 beers. To be fair, I think we can all agree that his side of the business is the have-to-do-now, while mine is more the nice-to-do-when we have the time, but either way, I am ready to wrap-up and move on.

Despite the weather, we had an amazing event on May 25th. Our wonderful neighbors at M&M insurance let us use their parking lot, which was the perfect size for food trucks, games, and music. In fact, I think we have plenty of room for more activities next year (too soon).

Overall, our team feels like we gave great service and provided a fun environment for all of our gnomies to celebrate, but we know with all first-time events comes some challenges and we there are things to do better next time.

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